Social Justice Poetry

The Poor | A Social Justice Poem by J. K. Durick

Of course, they’re always with us
inevitable parts of that puzzle
we’re in, the games we’re playing
but, if we look around for a day
select where we walk, the shows
we watch, the people we listen to
it will almost seem like they’re no
longer with us, like lucky Houdinis
we’ve disappeared them; it’s all
just selecting and organizing things
thinking good thoughts about our-
selves, our exceptional selves, folks
who so easily solve problems they
spent a few centuries griping about
trying this and that, till they ended
up inevitable, without a solution
till now, of course, wave our wand
and they are gone as easily as that
– it’s so good to be that great again.

Wall Street Cannibals | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

The indigenes of Papua New Guinea share
a bond with the capitalists of Wall Street,

for they are both cannibals. In the highlands
surrounding Port Moresby and far into the

hinterland, taking heads and eating human
flesh was considered sacred, part of the

native cosmology. Abolished too late for
Michael Rockefeller, it is no longer practiced.

But no such ban has been imposed on Wall
Street, where the cannibalism derives not from

religion, but greed. Greed IS the religion. One
fourth of US children are poor, many mal-

nourished. Greed cannibalizes resources that
should be passed to them and future generations

intact. Greed installs nuclear Armageddon into
tubes of steel far beyond any rational definition

of defense. Each dollar spent on folly is a theft
from the poor. The word for it is cannibalism.

Soaked | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

So utterly soaked in
His belief system,
He is unable to see
Anything other than what
He’s been told to,
An adherent doing
What’s asked of him,
Not really liking it
But unable to change course,
Complete obedience the
Only approved choice,
Openness and curiosity
Not even on the menu,
He can barely even remember
What it was like to
Be himself, and change
No longer calls.