Social Justice Poetry

The Promotion | A Social Justice Poem by Daniel Klawitter

Well now,
how does it feel
to be the big boss?

Did you even pause to ponder
what this promotion might cost?

It grieves me to see
the respect that you’ve lost —

With you newfound swagger
the underlings are speaking daggers
behind your back.

Everyone was so hopeful at first
that you would escape the ancient curse
of Power.

But in this futile hour
our fears have turned to fate…
and now it is too late
to save you from yourself

as you create an army of compliant machines
to replace the defiant ones
who still dream dreams
of something more organic.

But now, with robotic precision
the idiotic decisions of bureaucracy
come down in a panic
to do everything

not better…but FASTER.

We used to call you comrade…
But now, we call you


(Originally published in Blue Collar Review).
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