Social Justice Poetry

Staff Meeting at Auschwitz | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

We dare not tell
the Fuehrer that
we failed to get
the rabbi’s wife
to tell us where
the rabbi is so
now we have to
call the plumber.
Tell Old Franz
to bring his drill.
He has a way
with women.

Old Franz
will have to
rod this lady out
so we can ask her
once again
where the rabbi is
and if she still
won’t tell us
Franz will have to
rod her out again.

Remember Mrs. Stein,
zaftig in her dirndl?
She wouldn’t tell us
where the cantor
and his wife were
hiding till she saw
Old Franz’s drill
and then she told us
where they were
and we found 30 more
silent in the attic.

If Mrs. Stein were
still alive, she’d tell
the rabbi’s wife
about the drill
and that would
be enough to save
Old Franz a trip.
He’s getting weary.
He had to use
a cane the night
he came to call
on Mrs. Stein.

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