Social Justice Poetry

Gotta | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Things haven’t been
Going too well lately
In our little town.
Sure, we’re still proud of
Where we’ve been and
Who we are but
Times are tough,
You gotta do what
You gotta do.

Yesterday the senior center
Shut down, tomorrow the
Food pantry closes its doors,
A week ago the high school
Told kids to share books,
Music and art programs
Disappeared years ago.
Tough choices,
It’s gotta be done.

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2 thoughts on “Gotta | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

  1. Donal Mahoney

    In your second stanza you capture briefly and quickly all the reasons it is very difficult today to be a fiscal conservative because the problems you list cannot be solved any other way than through increased taxes or cuts in the budget elsewhere. As someone who spent the last decade of his life as a professional beggar for Catholic Charities, this is a time when people must donate to the charities of their choice big-time or else face higher takes or cuts in programs in less important areas. People have to eat and children need to be educated and obviously the money has to come from somewhere. Keep typing and railing and ranting. Maybe someone will listen.

    1. Social Justice PoetrySocial Justice Poetry Post author

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment Donal. I do hope that people will at some point consider that we’re all on this planet together and we can accomplish so much when we honor and support one another instead of being in perpetual competition and conflict. Cheers, Guy.