Social Justice Poetry

Prometheus Again | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

I’m going to give you
a new car and a new life
and a new me.
I’m going to give it all
to you.
I saw a story today about
a beautiful girl who took
her life because of some
slobs and their unkind
words. The only word
for this can’t be muttered
before children. God looks
down and shakes his head
with me, I am sure.
So let me give you fire.
A wise person told me last
week to build my life out
of the bricks thrown at me.
Don’t even bother throwing
them back. People who hurl
insults are a waste of energy.
Put them to use.
Take those bricks and make
them work. Turn good out
of bad, spin the dross into gold.
Then let the creeps marvel
when they discover what a
miracle and wonder you are.
Let them feel the shame for
not detecting it, because they
are the dunces, the dry ones.
Let them see the soul’s ocean,
knowing they cannot swim.
These waters are off-limits.

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