Social Justice Poetry

School Choice | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

If you had to
Come up with a
Highly effective, and
Fiendishly surreptitious,
Way to destroy
Democracy and make sure
All the money goes
To you and your
Affluent friends, you could,
I suppose, do it by force,
Which leaves a lot of
Bodies and resentment behind,
Or you could gradually
Starve public education,
Perhaps even siphon off
Its funding to other
So-called schools,
To make sure that
The general populace
Gradually, without noticing,
Loses its ability to
Think critically,
Discern what’s really
Happening around them, and
Separate fact from fiction.
The more you weaken
People’s ability to reason,
The sooner you can
Buy another yacht,
Plus you can
Sit back and have
A nice laugh as
People who have far
Less means than you
Passionately defend
What you’ve cleverly
Termed School Choice,
Freedom always sells.

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