Social Justice Poetry

Freak-Out Jive | A Social Justice Poem by Richard-Phillip Rupinski (Jack of Hearts)

Freaks in costumes,
Guised under normalcy
Amongst their own.
Making peacocks to
Appear as paupers;
Disheveled & unrivaled
In this world of their own.

Smoke engulfs plasticity;
Drenched in green
Up against the night sky
Out against the city’s contour.
Escaping as time
Once escaped with
Their noble youth.

Time surely aged them–
That vile vandal,
The one poets scorn…
Surely she would take
As she can accord.
Ah, but then, is it
Not man that leads a romp?

If time is the dance
Then fun is the tune.
Cascading the masquerade
Transcending any law
Of logy memory.
Leaving one alone, to query:
What dreams await death’s bed?

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