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Back down to Earth | A Poem by Scott Thomas Outlar

A state of perfect inner peace
is not necessarily conducive
in the effort toward establishing harmony
for the whole of humanity.

Being blissed out
in the la-la land of enlightenment
sort of knocks one off the path
of caring about
the problems affecting the world at large.

While I’m sure it’s quite nice
to chill out and relax
in the pure grace
of source consciousness
from time to time
in order to get a taste
of what eternity has to offer,
the real point of the game
here on earth
involves participating
in the cessation of All suffering.

So if you no longer feel any sorrow
in your oh-so-wise psyche,
it’s probably really cool and everything,
but do try to keep in mind
that most everyone else still does.

Maybe you could cut yourself
every once in awhile
so you can offer a sip of blood
to those who are dying of thirst;
that is, of course,
if you still have any pumping
through that detached heart of yours.

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