Social Justice Poetry

Apartheid | A Social Justice Poem by Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Season happenings in an apartment
There’s always different pavement
Racism smell in their statement
They got it wrong in every arrangement
The whole situation worsened ’cause of
Waiting for a product of poor engagement
Will all end up in disengagement,
Except we all carry the burden of

Best legacy is torn apart
Slain with poisonous words
A vigorous round of silent killings
When everything seems cool, naive
Now falls in different categories
Fed with unhealthy calories.

The way we are ruled
I’m tired, I will stay cool.

It has been worn in different shoes
With words from different rooms,
Still we ourselves overruled
Swallowing more than a teaspoon,
Still we cry foul when overruled.

When sincere, wiped off
Just in a jiffy like smirk off
Whenever action tries to break off
One will be swept off,
Strife to be a scuff
You will be switched off,
With many unanswered full stops.

Walking through the aisle of history
Apartheid- a fruit of different trees
A big-wig in the far southern country
War of colours; a ruptured heel
Now felt, smelt, seen
In every daily scene.

No more a colour riot
But an all-round riot
Eaten like a carrot.

Practiced in every nook and cranny
Spoon fed us like our nanny
Celebrating it like a grammy.

A word is enough for the wise
Before you practise it, think twice
Remember anything can go clockwise
Don’t forget the anti clockwise,
Don’t forget the anti clockwise,
Let it melt like ice
Squeeze it out of your eyes,
Its flames disappear to the sky
That is the greatest price
Before it takes excess sacrifice.

Deadlier than any disease
It kills with skills
Say no to
Apartheid in its multi-regalia.

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