Social Justice Poetry

Solitude | A Social Justice Poem by Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Alone with my thoughts
Thoughts short of words
Words short of actions
Actions buried in slums.

Excellence: Consists of hard work with handiwork
Actions that speak louder for themselves.
That is why a man with PHD is celebrated
Though his altitude ruins him: himself.

I am born to lead
I am born to rule.
Empty shell, noise makers
Leaders never eat junk.

In my beloved world
Bureaucracy: A lady you behold
Making love with it, anyhow.
Producing men of higher calling.
But where are the men of silent calling?

Men of silent calling.
Men who mourn in silence
Men who think a hundred times
Both clockwise and anticlockwise.

This not about loneliness
But loneliness in excellence.
Digging deep into graves
To learn how the dead live.

Our leaders are mediocre
Academicians but solitude scarce.
Leaders who can’t think twice
Will never have a minute silent podcast.

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