Social Justice Poetry

Confined Freedom | A Social Justice Poem by Martine V. Clarke

They say we are free
Our minds opened
Thoughts liberated
Ideas released
We are free

Free slaves and victims of selfish righteousness
Free servants in institutional bondage
Free bondsmen under a capitalist-like serfdom
Free puppets controlled by the strings of their commandments
Free, once we remain chained in the dungeons of their morals and
They say we are free
And will always be free

For liberty is of the mind
And captivity is the basis of reality
We are free
Once we remain in their mental confines
We are free
Once we bow to their constitutional idols

They say we are free
And we will always be free

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4 thoughts on “Confined Freedom | A Social Justice Poem by Martine V. Clarke


    Martine, You are very correct in your observation of how in our world things are so different from how they are presented to us for our understanding. We need to know where we ought to break free from oppressive tactics of the exploiting ruling folk. Poems like this one would be a real great help to lead people into having an understanding of the things as they are. –kcmishra

  2. Safiya Baksh Hosein

    Great poem Martine–you are so right. We must free ourselves. We must free our minds from believing that we are lower in status because of our colour.–this thought must begin and end with us!