Social Justice Poetry

Monitor Lizard, Chomping | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

Willard goes to the well
for a drink of water
on a furnace-hot day
but there’s no water
only a beggar sitting

yogi-style at the bottom
with a tin cup in one hand,
a bouquet of pencils
in the other, but alas
no one is buying.

He yells up to Willard:
“Go get a ladder.
I have to come up
before the election
so I can register.”

A tycoon put him in the well
after a primary rally where
the beggar had shouted,
“Trickle-down economics
is never the answer.”

The crowd cheered
when the beggar added,
“Trickle down is nothing more
than the droppings of a
monitor lizard, chomping.”

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