Social Justice Poetry

Peace | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

A branch from the Bodhi tree fell
creating a stir across the globe
in the name of Lord Buddha,
the Enlightened;
Peace promised its return
in people’s protests
in streets, along roads, at
government offices and
enquiry commissions,
mudslinging by parties
in power and outside
with hawk’s eye alert
to swoop down on chance
to grab power to later
be in control of destinies
of old, young, children, women
of all sections, castes, classes,
language and Faith communities
with mercies and whim to discuss or defer
debates with howls, cries, indiscipline
and disturbances that reflect the people
they represent to laugh at all forms of
their backwardness, poverty, hunger and
illiteracy or educated nonchalance.

Monks donning orange and red
raising placards and grating cries
for Peace leaving peaceful stance
in stir demanded earth to shake
and skies to roar with storm
to awaken every soul to arise
from sleep that fear inflicts
and to cry for freedom to
force out a realisation from
those in lethargy, arrogance
and haughtiness who resolve
nothing in malignant motive
to mire every hope of happiness
and peace, prosperity, progress
in indecision, inaction and studied silence
and to drill into dull minds a warning
to produce convincing evidence of
confirmed committed action with
visible realisation that
Peace alone counts
and there lies every other thing
linked to human dignity and pride.

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