Social Justice Poetry

Shattered | A Social Justice Poem by Ken Allan Dronsfield

(Requiem for the Abused)

Those voices glaring,
forever blaring
at the meek and mild,
man, woman or child.
Tears on the cheek,
from the strong or the weak.
A dead-eye stare,
will never share
that happiness evading,
a life’s essence fading.
Drifting off the track;
the leather belt snaps,
a crack then a slap.
And the voices glaring at the meek
or mild, all the shattered lives
left bleeding and reviled.
Pushing through the veil,
hear hollow voices wail.
Echoing from above,
absent home without love.
The scars heal for sure,
the innocent heart still pure.
Let the lonely waif sing
his song of peaceful things.
But voices continue glaring
at the meek and mild craving
the zest for escape on
a blackened raven’s wing.

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