Social Justice Poetry

Let There Be Darkness Thick | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

The day dawns clear
Dispelling darkness dim
With eyes regaining the power
They seem losing for long
To see things near and far
In a joyous satisfaction.

Throughout the day
Changing views good and bad they settle their scores
To impose on the din of life a silence of death
And rejoice in the blinding darkness
That descends fast to hold humanity
In fear of gruesome torture and untold shame.

Friends of darkness find
The light of reason a thing of power
To turn bright days into dark nights
Proper only for plunder and murder
To hide all acts of shame and guilt
In mindless celebrations of empty victories
The gory links of which they alone know not to share.

In darkness reason shines better
For unreasonable acts to settle
Away from the light of the day
When motives fade hard
To tear open the chest of man
To drink for fun even the last drop of humanity’s blood.

Dark nights are a shelter
More intense made to blind others
(Lest they ask rough and pricking questions)
To have grounds clear for vandals calling shots
In an empire of evil where murderous pride roams
With food and drugs that kill and water and air that harm
And days find meaning when darkness for ages must rule.

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