Social Justice Poetry

Giving Gods of Reason Nonsense | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

What others think of
When we suffer woes
Inflicted on us by crooks
In nasty ways all foolishly woven
To distract discourses from sanity
In false and saner looking words
Bent only under designs
To beat sense into madness
That way to madness into sense
To turn would take centuries
Of law and lawyers and courts
That know that Truth is what looks
To be true no matter how proper Truth
In knowledge supreme in complicity of all
Bent to dig up and bury in truth to erect
In its place what may be visible to eyes
Where nothing despite the truth of things
Would be unbelievable because acceptance
In the world matters like nothing else
Truth in all its purity of form and semblance
Not excepted.

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