Social Justice Poetry

Real Charity | A Social Justice Poem by Sunil Sharma

The suburban Mumbai family
Ordered a fancy bed for their master bedroom
Already gasping under the weight of items collected during the
discount offers.
They gave away the old teakwood bed
To an old employee of their workplace.
The gift was given free after much deliberation and introspection.
“We must do charity, at least, once in lifetime,” the wife told
the Scrooge-like hubby
Always turned on by new furniture/things and zeros in the passbooks.
“God always like such gestures and returns are always double!”
“Oh! Yeah!” nodded the man grimly, vestigial conscience alert
And the gift was given with much fanfare and flourish
To the beaming poor.
A week later, the woman asked the employee, pompously:
“How do you find the bed in your slum-room? It was very costly!”
The thin man smiled and said simply,
“Well, madam, I gave it away to my ailing neighbour
Not allowed to sleep on the bare floor by her doctor.”
The lady encased top-toe in designer wear
Felt the ground shaking under her!

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