Social Justice Poetry

Compassionate Cordiality | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

Let these trying times be over
And we shall find our true selves
Once again that in shame and shackles
We seemed to be fast losing away
When the world arrayed against us
In its own fabricated lies it told
To make people close to us buy
Versions they packed in nonsense
In their own crooked designs
Ignoring propriety, piety and
Patient indulgence to press us into
Hard anguish and deep mental shock
At a time we thought the time
Was ripe and we could live by
The years of labour we had put in
With the fruits they had borne.

Now please tell us if any other
Way could there for us be left
That we would choose and pursue
To give us all that we by all counts
Deserve and them all that we like
To grant them forgetting what mighty
Harm they planned to inflict on us to
Smother our dreams and murder us
Much before any of progenies proper
We could think of transferring our
Hard-earned claims to fortune and living
By way of lawful inheritance in grace
Without bloodshed and rancour
In saving and uniting forgiveness
Soaked in consummate cordiality
And gripping compassion.

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