Social Justice Poetry

Revenge | A Social Justice Poem by Krushna Chandra Mishra

They ask me not to swear
In the name of gods or kinsfolk
I have found lost in designs drawn
By others I have heard to be behind
The torment and torture and the end
That saw me orphaned and dispossessed
To take revenge wreaking disaster for all
For whose atrocious attitudes I am what
I should have not been today had I behind
Me those structures of support and those
Ladders linking the heavens to the earth
I stand on disdained by those that have
Made me poor, lost and crying for a fate
I have been denied in the designs diabolic
Devils have maliciously made to make me
Victim to vagaries of situations over which
I am not sure now when I may have control
To answer them all for whom I am what I am
Today reasoning hard over this need to prepare
For an appropriate response even as reprehensible
Action people crudely may call revenge.

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