Social Justice Poetry

Culture of Violence | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Culture of violence:
Shots ring out with no one
Courageous enough to
Do something about it,
Even when children die.

Culture of violence:
Women systematically
Put down, controlled,
Pumping out babies for
Some dominant reactionary.

Culture of violence:
Children hit for not
Following draconian,
Arbitrary rules imposed
By broken parents.

Culture of violence:
Innocent people killed
For nothing else than
The color of their skin
And someone’s insecurity.

Culture of violence:
Marginalizing and ostracizing
Human beings who don’t
Look or sound like
The herd.

Culture of violence:
Having their rights denied
Because of whom they love,
Being made to feel
Less than others.

Culture of violence:
People in power shaping
The rules to benefit
Only them, relegating
Others to deprivation.

Culture of violence:
Permanent war ripping
Apart bodies, psyches,
Families, the fabric
Of civilized society.

Culture of violence:
Shaping discourse to fit
A narrative of hate
And fear instead of
Hope, kindness, peace.

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