Social Justice Poetry

Just Another Day | A Social Justice Poem by Shawn Aveningo

“Must the hunger become anger and the anger fury, before anything will be done?” John Steinbeck

Another night of dreams upon corrugated pillows—survived,
mother and child in their daily trek to Loaves and Fishes,

line stretching ‘round a city block. Escalades flaunting
Jesus Fish, Little Nemo playing on flip-down plasmas,

unload youngsters in tartan skirts & poplin blouses. “Ma’am
could you spare a little change?” echoes from the shadows

to those who are deaf to their cries. The cries of infants with
bellies swollen from hunger, mothers too famished to produce

nature’s nourishment, fathers desperate, ashamed. Hunger
to anger. Anger to Fury. Fury to blood spilled on the streets.

Public outcries as pie charts in papers show crime on the rise.
It’s November. Politicians’ promises tallied. Soon bells ring,

coins collect in red buckets, ‘tis the season for giving. Until
Spring cleaning sweeps poverty under the rug as CPA’s tally

charity on Schedule A’s. Just another day in paradise.

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