Social Justice Poetry

Punctured Sacks of Meat | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

Is the goal of war to mass produce punctured sacks of meat?
Is it to empty men and women of their humanity, drain them
of blood? Our homes and schools produce our soldiers, while
our factories make bullets for our enemy’s demise. And the
enemy does likewise.

Bullets do the job, but bombs and missiles deliver more bang for
the buck. As our factories roll out our best ordnance, we march
our sacks of meat to war, as the bands play on.

Our sacks of finest meat array on the battlefield against their sacks

of finest meat, and the puncturing begins. The blood pools and runs
in dark, scarlet rivers onto which infinite tears rain. This rain
the battlefield of blood, so grass can grow again, ready for more
sacks of meat.

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