Social Justice Poetry

Rage | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

What is this?
This deep, seething, burning
From the darkest pits.
It boils and churns
Trying to escape.
Magma just below the surface
You would never know it’s there.
Unstable hot springs
Seeping gases unrelenting
Do we heed the warning signs?
Or do we steadily trample aimlessly
Crushing and pressing
Creating depressions
Under the weight of our own selfishness?
In a space where the underworld meets the free
Conflict occurs.
Uncontrollable, unabated, unobstructed.
But we saw this eruption coming.
We heard the rumbling
We felt the tremors
Yet we chose to ignore.
And now we race to escape
But to no avail.
Being overtaken,
Our Pompeii lost forever.

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