Social Justice Poetry

Scene | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

From up here, from a helicopter or drone,
Whatever this network uses, it all seems
Like a diagram, a scene we’ve seen before,
The squared off building, with cars and trucks
All around, groups of people gathered here
And there, some approaching the building,
Most seem frozen in place; a spokesman
For the police says the gunman is dead now
And so there is no longer danger to the public;
Investigation, motivation, we know the drill,
By now yellow police tape marks off the spot,
Ambulances come and go, families are being
Notified, public figures offer condolence and
Prayer – it’s late spring, early summer, things
Heat up and the gardens we have planted,
Now full grown, are being harvested already;
There will be another news conference at 10:15
And we’ll watch and listen and only learn what
They carefully choose to tell us.

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