Social Justice Poetry

Angry Mob Rises | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Their ultimate goal
Has always been rule by
An aristocracy.

To get there they have to
Convince vulnerable people to
Vote against their own interests.

It must be done without
Letting their victims know
It’s happening.

They devise a concerted
Campaign of obfuscation and

They demonize various groups,
Categorizing them as
Evil, foreign, other.

They starve vital institutions
And then blame it on a
Failure of government.

They wave flags and
Appeal to raw

They exploit the very
Fear and uncertainty
Their own policies engender.

They set up a
Media apparatus that
Constantly blares the message.

The opposition does nothing
To stop the onslaught,
Providing no counterbalance.

A bewildered, angry mob rises,
Making desperate choices
Based on blatant misinformation.

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