Social Justice Poetry

Weeping Women | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

They’re there most mornings, front page,
Newsfeed’s lead story, in these pictures
Their heads are usually covered, this is
The Middle East, this is war, this is disaster,
This is their lives; they embrace in a group,
Hold one woman back, arms outstretched
To a body on the ground, sometimes just
Out of reach for the camera, for the woman,
For the women weeping; these are mothers,
These are wives, sisters, friends; this is what
They do, this is what they have done for so long
The story seems old, seems ancient, continues on,
Tomorrow’s front page, newsfeed; the reporter
Looks on, shakes his head, and says get that shot
To his cameraman; they, the women, their story,
Their picture summarize so much.

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