Social Justice Poetry

Cold-Blooded | A Social Justice Poem by Ndifreke George

The married men have killed the widow
A merciless beating to death
Deaf to her cry and plea
Her desire to be with her infant
And feed it to maturity
They dragged her along the tar
And tore her into shreds
Through the horde of voiceless masses.
Whose hearts had helped
Whose hearts had beaten them up
Whose hearts had raced after them
To deliver and set her free
Their hearts had treated her wounds
And nursed her to recovery
But their hands were chopped off
And helplessly they watched
Burying their faces in shame and pity
Their goodwill suffers limitations
Fear assumes the greatest prominence
So they watch her die
And suffer hunger from her absence

Our greedy and merciless leaders
Have killed justice
And have made a shameful show of the law
Which has gone unpunished.

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