Social Justice Poetry

State of the Nation | A Social Justice Poem by Diane Woodward Dorff

The American empire.
A net.
But not a safety net.

A corporation of craving;
A web of wanting;
A grid of tortured dreams.

A dominion ruled by
those who have the most
of everything
there is to have.

The laws of the regime
are in no constitution;
But quilted into the fabric of
the kingdom,
with threads of indifference
and carelessness
and disdain.

A ruling class of citizens
who clamor for
always better.
Faster, louder, bigger.
Recursive dreams.
Eddies and swirls of having and wanting,
and wanting more.
A cacophony of voices;
Submerging desperate pleas of needing.

And cries of falling
ever lower
down the
rocky slope
of empire.

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