Social Justice Poetry

War of 2016 | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

Day Breaks
The smoke clears
Dust settles
Thousands lay dying
Ravaged by destruction
Victors stagger amongst empty shells
Suffering casualties of their own
Unsure if this was the right decision
Too late to turn back now
Are there any spoils?
What joy can there be
Ruling over rubble?
What success can be gleaned
In the midst of total annihilation?
And this is just the beginning
Survivors of ruination
Feel the obligation of retribution
Preparing for the next engagement
They lie in wait
All the while,
Conquerors proactively seek out
Last pockets of resistance
Battles will be waged
Collateral damage exponentially increased
For liberty is no longer an option
Leaving only death
The result of defiance
As well as assimilation

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