Social Justice Poetry

Do Not Spread My Ashes Yet | A Social Justice Poem by Joan Leotta

You cannot spread my ashes yet,
No, do not plan to spread them.
I am not yet dead, crushed, gone.
You may want to tie me to the stake
as you did my namesake, Joan,
bury heart, stomp ashes into ground.
Yes, I am sad now for choices made
But, hear me, I will work
To protect those left bereft.
I am not inactive.
I am not at rest.
I am working, working, working.
I will not give up
My vision of America
I will not give in
to hate, so
do not make plans to
scatter my ashes yet.
The principles
of our democracy
have been set aflame.
I will douse the flames of hate,
not fighting fire with fire,
but with a blanket
of good works.
Yes, they might come
For me, after all, I am olive
skinned and of
independent mind.
But, I shout, do not plan to
scatter my ashes yet
for I am still alive –
and fighting.

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