Social Justice Poetry

Inner Hollow, USA | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

Someone is watching me, obsessed with vengeance.
I think I saw them last night. Their eyes flared bright

incandescent red with hatred for what I am. They
watch me every waking hour. I walk outside wearing

a kabuki mask of indifference riveted to my face, but
I am afraid, very afraid. My friend shows no fear. He

has journeyed deep inside himself where they cannot
reach. Only a shell of him stands before me, his words

echoing from his hollowness. I wander alone in a daze,
haunted by his emptiness, full of nothingness. He is a

hollow man now, full of the pain of oblivion. I remain
worth their vigilance for I am not yet hollow. I’ll be

circumspect in what I do, I mean really careful. I’ll stay
not yet hollow, never as hollow as the actually hollow.

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