Social Justice Poetry

A Hundred Bucks for Ear Drops | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

We have one of those medical plans,
my wife and I. The co-pays let us
see a doctor, have a procedure,
pay for medications. Can’t remember
ever paying full price. Especially
for medications. Our co-pays run
two bucks, sometimes five.
Maybe once I paid more than that.

We know we’re fortunate and we
understand that even better now
after my wife got an ear ache.
The doc phoned in a scrip for a
bottle of ear drops. Five bucks.
But when my wife tried to refill it
she didn’t know she was a day early
according to the insurance company.

The druggist called and asked
if she could wait another day.
Then the refill would be covered.
Otherwise the price would be
a hundred bucks. Imagine that.
A hundred bucks for ear drops.

We’ve read the articles, of course,
about the cost of drugs going up.
But this was a generic. You wonder
what the unemployed, the uninsured,
the poor do when they have an ear ache.
Not everyone has Obamacare.

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