Social Justice Poetry

Hypocrisy, or Just a Simple Understanding? | A Social Justice Poem by Tara Lynn Hawk

Break my back
Rape my humane considerations
Barrage my mind with all this “news” that is not news
And it’s all
Just another form of slavery
Hijacking our innate motivation to determine our own conclusions
We know well of your need to keep us all stuffed
Crammed into your crafted paradigm
Emotional selfish poison to digress one’s consciousness
Back to an infant needy state
Push me down with the heel of your eight hundred dollar shoe
Paid for with my sweat equity forced tax “donation”
Stranded on the lower rungs
Threat of humiliation and isolation
Of being a “nobody”
Insignificant even to those of our own blood
Rats in a cage shaped like a shopping mall
We time our days by what we consume
Swapping cabins on the Titanic
I want to grow, expand
Move on, forward, off, away
I love the fog
But the kind of my own creation
Not your mindless misery polluted stew
Wake up

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