Social Justice Poetry

Late in the Game | A Social Justice Poem by Roy Pullam

Envy is the boulder
That blocks the road
To contentment
It is the jealousy
That harbors hate
It is the unforgiveness
That looks up and down
Finding no approval
Embracing prejudice
Shuffling the cards
In a way
That deals others out
Defines we and they
So narrowly
So definitely
That stereotypes
Become laws
When even a flood
Of love
Is damned by spite
I learned my bile
With the soak
In the hate sauce
Of the South
But having lived
Through so many rains
Having been washed
By tolerance and education
Having been forgiven
For slights
By better people than me
I have grown
To be ashamed
Of the small person
I was
But still know
There is still
Room to grow

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