Social Justice Poetry

Mickey Mouse Mitten Requiem | A Social Justice Poem by G. Louis Heath

The Mickey Mouse mitten on the arid,
Lonely rise pierces the eyes. Long search

Frustrated, requited on this savannah. I
Stand in somber requiem before the Disney

Knitwear. Mickey’s plastic face on the palm
Stares wide empty eyes over a welcome smile,

Overwrought, an unctuous bridge to a magic
Castle. The sparse remains of a child’s withered

Body lay shallow in hard, bitter soil where once
Lions thrived with pride of pride and Zulus ruled.

I burn to knit the boy back to life, feed him full,
Make Mickey ecstatic. I can only step away from

These infamous bones under an impious, gray sky
And wait for sunlight on my shuttered, blue eyes.

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