Social Justice Poetry


Our world is laden with people and organizations committed to promoting fear, exclusion, avarice, and many other human emotions that lead to tension, conflict and suffering.

Art, including poetry, provides a peaceful but firm counterbalance to these often negative, divisive, counterproductive, and damaging belief systems by sounding a clarion call of hope, opportunity, and possibilities.

Social Justice Poetry is a blog where hopeful, optimistic, vibrant, vigorous thinkers challenge the status quo and suggest powerful alternatives that support human beings and encourage the common good. It’s a positive movement that shines a light on inequality and oppression and replaces it with compassion and community.

Thank you for visiting my blog; I look forward to reading your poems on social justice and working together to build a fairer, more equitable world for everyone. You’re cordially invited to read my poems as well as the work of the other thoughtful poets on this site.