Social Justice Poetry

Legislators v. Her | A Social Justice Poem by Alexandre Bartolo

Nightcrawlers fill your tonsils, beaconing
false beetles towards eerie lepers. Fit

weary scarfs around legislators, disheartened
from feminists’ marches.

“Those fetal coincidental miscalculations!
Where was our pharmaceutical latex?”

“We didn’t laboriously get paid to endure
unshaven armpits!”

Parasites, elephants whose genes changed
by Linkage near to reincarnation engorge

laundry rooms, wombs and Her call to
living will.

Look across lucky neighborhoods where
daughters can afford crossing borders, eager

to adjure a Mount Venus’ climber,
executing their fathers’ shame.

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Civility | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Corrosive obsession with
Maximizing profits.
Feverishly channeling
Rivers of money to
Investors –
Private equity firms –
Executive bonuses,
Rather than
Supporting employees
Who will then have money
To spend and help
The economy prosper,
Or provide value to
Consumers who will be
More loyal and make the
Company more successful.
Scream communism when
The words fairness or
Sharing are mentioned,
Though they aren’t
Political terms,
Just basic civility,
Treating hard-working
People with respect and
Giving customers an
Honest deal.

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Unthinkable | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Perhaps they don’t understand,
Or consciously refuse to,
That it doesn’t have to
Be this way.
Pillaging, plundering,
Plunging people into destitution.
A woeful, sustained onslaught,
Taking advantage of others
For profit.

Maybe they don’t realize
That there are any number of
Reasonable alternatives.
Collaboration, caring, empathy,
Leading to success, wealth,
For everyone.
Unthinkable. A philosophy based on
Mutual support, encouragement.
Brighter, more hopeful, possible.

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Emancipation | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

To whom it may concern
I tender my resignation
I will no longer fetch
For though lashings
Have lessened canines
There is still bite
In this old dog
My shoes are hard
And I shall dance for you
No longer
Whispers in the dark
Will gain decibels in the light
Your failed attempts
To cut my tongue
Has only removed
All the “yessahs” and “massuhs” from my vocabulary
My fate is my own
Stained posts
Bearing fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, sisters, brothers
On the verge of collapse
From the weight of injustice
Rope-worn limbs buckle
As I make my last knot
And exit these killing fields

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