Social Justice Poetry

Ajise Vincent

Sahara Blues XV | A Social Justice Poem by Ajise Vincent


Anytime, I peer at the wind
fondling the nudity of the Sahara.

I see bombs, dynamites, Shrapnel,
being defecated on the the walkway to peace.

Propagandas being etched
on the nucleus of politics.

Termites of corruption
feasting on the root of development.


Anytime, I listen to whispers
blaring forth from the larynx of posterity.

I hear dirges eulogizing the corpse of policies.
Committees now undertakers.

Sirens of ambulances mourning
another avoidable accident.

Pharaohs’ making roll calls,
drinking from the gourd of absolutism.

I hear pangs of yesteryear
mourning the aimlessness of our present.