Social Justice Poetry

Alexis Garcia

Division | A Social Justice Poem by Alexis Garcia

Since when did white America
Become the right America
I’ll tell you
Once shackles and chains
Got replaced by ignorant brains
They think we have welcomed
Prejudices and absurd allegations
Since we have become a divided nation
Since some fight the grossness of injustice
With protests in abundance
They tend to focus on the ones who pretend
Not to notice that we as a society
Are reverting back to a time
Where rights were conditional, not given
Where the color of your skin
Was used for target practice
And you were driven,
Almost to extinction
Because of the distinction between us and them
It’s been hard to determine
Who’s foe and who’s friend
Thanks to their privilege
We get to sit back
While they pillage our homes
It takes a village…
To raise a child
But as soon as they step outside
They’re stepping into the wild
Lines are getting blurred
Tensions are brewing
Racism Trumps human decency
They ignore the fact that
We are the ones they are screwing
With rapid frequency, they hunt us down
And the sound of our exhausted voices
Amplifies their need to subdue
Our personal choices.
They take silence as a sign of defeat
They take silence as a sign of acceptance
From the beginning of time
We were never the ones to retreat
But snap back into reality
And come to our senses
At the expense of our sanity
We let those who came from
The Caucasus Mountains
Straight to the oval office
Profit off of our sorrows
They have stolen our lands
But convince us that they just borrow
With no intention of returning
It’s concerning how little resistance
There is on our part
The fight’s never over
They may try to poison our minds
But they can’t infiltrate our hearts.