Social Justice Poetry

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A Bit of News Not Fake | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

An article in the paper reports
something one doesn’t see
happen in America very often.

Eighty billionaires, millionaires
and others close to that level
in New York have written to

their lawmakers and governor
asking to have their taxes raised.
They want to support schools,

build roads and bridges, and help
the poor and the homeless.
The president of the United States

is a resident of New York.
Eighty names on the list so far.
At press time his was missing.

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A Good Work | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

May the programs serve
their purpose, and may
we have favor in them.

May the agenda be flouted
along with unfair
manipulative expectation.

I want to do a good work
not for my sake or so my
name can be cited, honored,
and celebrated, but for
the sake of the lives I touch.

If that is against norms,
plays with conventional
structure, or even rings as

So be it.

I want to listen to the voice
and not the slogan, embrace
the person and not political

Move forward and do good
work without the worm of worry
called Getting Ahead.

I can’t be concerned with
changing the world if I don’t
even seize the opportunity
to be kind to the person
sitting right next to me.