Social Justice Poetry

biased media poems

Fake News | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

The poor, of course, are
moving up, as promised,
while the middle class

feels comfortably in place,
and corporations open up
make way for the many;

the great unwashed of us
wash up to process, to march
on Washington to give thanks;

we are the banner headlines,
the backstory, the latest tweet,
a rumor, an odd bit of gossip,

we’re what’s left after storms
let up, after the forest fires,
house fires go out for good;

we are a budget deficit, a tax
cut, an underfunded program,
a wall worth building after all.

Scene | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

From up here, from a helicopter or drone,
Whatever this network uses, it all seems
Like a diagram, a scene we’ve seen before,
The squared off building, with cars and trucks
All around, groups of people gathered here
And there, some approaching the building,
Most seem frozen in place; a spokesman
For the police says the gunman is dead now
And so there is no longer danger to the public;
Investigation, motivation, we know the drill,
By now yellow police tape marks off the spot,
Ambulances come and go, families are being
Notified, public figures offer condolence and
Prayer – it’s late spring, early summer, things
Heat up and the gardens we have planted,
Now full grown, are being harvested already;
There will be another news conference at 10:15
And we’ll watch and listen and only learn what
They carefully choose to tell us.

False Equivalence | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

They say they’re all the same.
Throw them all out,
They’re all on the take,
Except that some of them
Want everyone to be
Treated with compassion and
Others don’t.
Some want to help the
Poor succeed and
Others don’t.
Some want to level
The playing field and
Others don’t.
Some want everyone
To have access to health care and
Others don’t.
Some want equal rights for all and
Others don’t.
A cursory look reveals
Both sides aren’t the same
At all, but the trope lives on,
Just as those who benefit
From false equivalence and
Confusion want it to.