Social Justice Poetry

bigotry poems

Rationalization | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Perhaps it’s the
Repetition of ideas,
Labeled as common sense,
Rehashed and regurgitated
Way too many times,
Losing their original sting,
The memory of stern faces
Telling them what to believe,
The inability to bounce back
From the continuous onslaught,
The required rationalization
Of reprehensible positions,
That leads them to conclude
And say out loud,
Without a second thought,
That some people merit
Unconditional derision,
Exclusion, punishment.

Fear | A Social Justice Poem by Nichole Proctor

Oh fear, your power is great.
Your propensity for absolution through hate.
Walls crumble when you are near.
We cannot help but wonder what the other side hides,
thus enters our fear.
Those we hold in the light seem demonized at night.
Little faces, different races, quickening paces.
Our fear draws near.
Is there enough to go around?
Perhaps the lost should remain unfound.
Our children may suffer if THEY are allowed in,
we cannot tolerate THEIR sin.
Enter fear, enter doubt.
Voices in chorus – GET OUT!
They’ll bring disease, they’ll do as they please.
There’ll be nothing left, you’ll see.
Enter fear.
Shut the doors and build the wall,
Fear screams – deport them all.
Our savior, fear has saved our homes.
We are better off alone.
But what happens when the fear remains
after we have locked the chains?
Where does fear settle when darkness settles in OUR hearts?
Where, then, do we start?
Fear extinguishes the light
brings the shadows back to life.
How white is right?
Where will we turn when alone is what we’ve sown?
Where will we turn when the only beings left to fear
are the ones we see staring coldly in the mirror?

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