Social Justice Poetry

conflict poems

Real Folks | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

In order to hide
Who they really are
Deep inside, when
Outsiders aren’t around
To listen, everyone
Huddled around sharing
Hearty chuckles about
Some city-slicker or
Other person who
Is not like them,
They perpetuate stale
Myths about how they’re
The salt of the earth,
Misunderstood real folks,
Telling it how it is,
A worn ruse used to shift
The attention away from
What’s really going on.
In a city far away,
Countless mothers and fathers
Care for their children
And hope for love and
Warmth for all human beings
Wherever they may be.

Conjoined Twins | A Social Justice Poem by Langley Shazor

I look at you with disgust
Because of what you have
You look at me with disdain
Because of what I lack
In this battle for supremacy
A paradoxical war of attrition
Bystanders see us as equal
Our actions garner mutual attention
We cannot be distinguished
Such reflections of each other
Might as well be joined at the hip
In this sack race of entitlement
We stumble over one another
Both looking like fools
And yet
We swear we are different
I guess it does take one to know one