Social Justice Poetry

corporate greed poems

Meager | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

At one of
Many thousands of
Enormous stores,
Filled with cheap things
Fabricated by impoverished
Hands in parts of the
World out of sight and mind,
Lavishly benefiting one
Obscenely wealthy,
Compassionless family,
Whose snickering members
Give almost nothing
To charity thanks to a
Fiendishly clever
Tax-evading foundation,
Another employee’s
Already meager hours
Are cut to reduce
Operating expenses,
Though routinely
Expected to work overtime,
Off the clock,
Or be replaced.

Growth | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Obsessively feeding
At the expense of
Consumers, people,
Decency, everything.
Promise ever-increasing returns,
Keep earnings artificially high,
Nothing else matters.
Metastasizing abnormal growth,
Never content with enough.
A world gutted by a
Pathological need for
Wealth and status,
Nourishing the few
Who can buy shares and
Their pushers.
Illusions vanish,
Leeches abscond.

New Reality | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

In a ramshackle trailer park,
A family of five inhabits
An ancient Airstream
On a cold, rainy day,
Wearing winter coats indoors
To keep barely warm, a tiny
Space heater rattles hopelessly.

Rent is due in a couple
Of days and Mark is out
Looking for any kind of
Employment, Susan has to
Stay home with the kids;
Child care costing more than
Any minimum wage job affords.

The holidays are near and
There’s no money for gifts,
Or anything to eat,
A trip to the local food pantry
An embarrassing new reality,
They reminisce about their vacation
Last year before the layoffs.

The Price of Life | A Social Justice Poem by Julia Hones

What price do they assign to the songbird who cheers our spirit every morning?

If everything has a number attached to it
then soon the oxygen will have a tag as well,
the grass, the clouds, the colors of the rainbow;
The body is a commodity to the greedy eyes.

One day they’ll find that bills and bonds
do not amount to food and water.
Each living being that vanished from the earth
will make their dogma wobble
and they will learn to grieve.

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