Social Justice Poetry

decaying cities poems

Reminders | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

By the chain link fence
Lays a worn-out mattress
Surrounded by shopping
Carts filled with soiled clothes,
Cardboard, part of a lamp,
Chip bags, a few crushed beer cans,
An artificial tree, a few kids toys,
A broken window frame, parts of an
Abandoned bicycle, a car headlight,
Tattered books, various mismatched shoes,
A TV that hasn’t worked since the ’80s.
Once in a while someone walks by
And rummages through this conglomeration,
Hoping to find something of use
Instead of reminders.

Their Futures | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

He looks out the window
At the street where his
Children played happily,
Where every house was
Tended to, where neighbors
Said hi to each other and
Talked about work down at
The plant, their dreams
For their kids, their
Upcoming family vacation,
Their steps up the ladder.
All gone now, replaced by
Derelict shells the
City will eventually
Tear down, lifeless
Shells where once regular
People enjoyed life
And planned their futures.