Social Justice Poetry

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Lows | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

Don’t be brought low,
rise. Remember you have
purpose. Your voice
is one of billions but it’s
still a voice that matters.
Don’t let anyone tell you
that your place in life
brings you low. That your
skin or culture brings
you low. Tell them your
story – proudly.
Existence precedes recognition.
A diamond still lives
in the earth even if no one
knows to dig it out.
Be the diamond you are,
sharp or loving edges,
glistening or rough.

Leanings | A Social Justice Poem by JD DeHart

I do not mind the leanings
of others, so long as they
are considered

A hypothetical person is welcome
to their political opinions, so long
as they have taken care
to remove vestiges of racism

Socialism is a topic I can discuss,
pros and cons, so long as it is not
simply a springboard for complaint

Voting is a right that should be
protected, so often left by the wayside,
but criticism is a practiced art.

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A Dappled People Now | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

Six months ago
an old black couple
moved into an old brick house

on a block of old white people.
A dither erupted over the fences
as neighbors realized there was

nothing they could do now.
So the white folks did nothing
but the black folks did something.

They barbecued on Sundays
in their back yard after church.
Gossip reported they preferred

ribs by the slab but no report
could be made on the side dishes.
Even with binoculars peering

through rickety blinds, old eyes
couldn’t determine the side dishes.
They are a dappled people now.

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