Social Justice Poetry

domestic violence poems

A Visit Seeking Charity | A Social Justice Poem by Roy Pullam

She moved uneasily
From one foot
To the other
Outside the Salvation Army office
Shouldering a child
Squirming in her arms
Her bruises still fresh
Her husband in jail
Once too often
His drunken temper
Struck out at her
The child wanted down
His impatience showing
The mother broken
Never in her imagination
Would she need charity
But here she was
Desperation vanquishing pride
Waiting for a food order
Some money
To pay the rent
Another woman
Passed her
Her plastic bag full
Meat, bread and can goods
Hazel smiled
As she welcomed
The reluctant lady
Soon tears
Accompanied her story
Hazel took her hand
Offering a prayer
And a shoulder
Hazel had heard the story
The plot the same
Only the names different
Filling the order
Giving a bear
To the boy
The woman thankful
Promising future generosity
When things were different
When her husband changed
She left
With a thanks
Over her shoulder
Hazel knew
She would be back
The story never changes

Public Service Announcement | A Social Justice Poem by J.K. Durick

October, in case you didn’t know, is
Domestic violence awareness month,
So we get a chance to call attention to
And celebrate where we find ourselves.
We have created the home version of
The game too many have played publicly,
Violence enough to go around, combat
Made small, gang wars, major crime
Miniaturized to fit living rooms and
Family rooms, bedrooms and kitchens,
Combatants well-known to each other
Crying, captured, learning that pain has
Become an equal share commodity, be-
Coming part of a statistic we cringe to
Hear about and to be forcefully made
Aware of; like this, October has become
The cruelest month.