Social Justice Poetry

economic hardship poems

They Closed the Supermarket | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

They closed the
Supermarket he and his
Family shopped at,
The only one nearby,
The last vestige of
Normalcy in a strip mall
Populated by predatory
Loan places and
Thrift stores.

Now the only store left
In the neighborhood
Where they can buy food
Is the convenience store,
Where everything costs
A lot more and
Stretches their meager
Budget even more than
It already is.

People ask him why he
Doesn’t just drive to
Another store,
He politely keeps his
Response to himself,
It’s just not that easy
To drive when you don’t
Make enough money to afford
A car, insurance, or gas.

Dying in a Small Town | A Social Justice Poem by Roy Pullam

It is not my home
Though the place
Of my birth
So many changes
Mines closed
Stores shuttered
A cancer of neglect
Running through
The community
Children gone
A city
Without a voice
Without a future
I see the signs
Of decay
A hole
Where the high school
Once stood
The yells of cheerleaders
All dried up
Aged out
The bulldog mascot
Without a bark
School colors
Justly black
With little gold
I see
Such poor promise
For a town
On life support
And something in me
Wants to cry