Social Justice Poetry

equality poems

I Still Have a Dream | A Social Justice Poem by Vern Fein

It comes as a stark reminder in a text snapshot,
My infant grandson, sprawled smiling on the stone block in D.C.:
I have a dream,
The great King’s legacy.
When I was born, there was no articulated dream.
Only the dream in the hearts of those who could not speak it.
The arrogant looks, beatings, shootings, lynchings.
My parents, unawares, could not dream.
Now, my son, the father of my grand boy, can dream.
He placed his wriggly son on that sun-drenched stone today.
Yes, Dr. King, my grandson may well walk hand and hand with your great-granddaughter.
Not for everyone yet.
But I still have a dream.

Real Patriotism | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

We sat together and
She told me that in her
Many years on this earth
She had come to understand
That real patriotism is
When you care enough
For your fellow citizen
To make sure she has
A job that allows her to
Support her family,
Health care when she
Falls ill, clean air,
Water, food to nourish
Her body, parks that
She can enjoy on her
Her time off, a genuine
Opportunity to move up,
Buy a house, own a car,
Travel, learn, enjoy,
Thrive instead of survive,
Have her voice matter,
Live with dignity rather
Than barely making it
Because some callous
Group of broken beings thinks
Only they are deserving.

I Am Who I Am | A Social Justice Poem by Eshwardai Ramsaywack

I can feel their eyes piercing through my skin, their judgments
stripping me of my dignity. My soul is pure, yet they say I’m the Devil’s child because of who I am.

Struggling each day to keep myself locked inside, putting on a different persona everyone can like, pretending to be someone I’m not, someone society wants me to be. Afraid of rejection, I hide like prey does from its killer.

Craving acceptance. Stifling my conscience.
Its time for a change.
I am who I am
and the only thing you can do is accept me as the human being I am.
Because, at the end of the day I’m just like you, our blood has one color.

I am not less than others but as equal as all. For equality is freedom and the world is my oyster.
I am who I am
And shall live each day as myself.
I am who I am.

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