Social Justice Poetry

exorbitant health care costs poems

Health Insurance Policy | A Social Justice Poem by Guy Farmer

Every time I see how
Little is covered on my
Health insurance policy
For such a preposterous
Amount of money,
I’m reminded of how
Much better everything
Would be if I could
Bypass these corporate leeches,
Go to any doctor, get
Any procedure done, and
Just have it billed to
Medicaid or some other
Program funded by me and my
Fellow citizens because
We all care for each other and
Believe in the common good
Rather than ordinary greed.

A Hundred Bucks for Ear Drops | A Social Justice Poem by Donal Mahoney

We have one of those medical plans,
my wife and I. The co-pays let us
see a doctor, have a procedure,
pay for medications. Can’t remember
ever paying full price. Especially
for medications. Our co-pays run
two bucks, sometimes five.
Maybe once I paid more than that.

We know we’re fortunate and we
understand that even better now
after my wife got an ear ache.
The doc phoned in a scrip for a
bottle of ear drops. Five bucks.
But when my wife tried to refill it
she didn’t know she was a day early
according to the insurance company.

The druggist called and asked
if she could wait another day.
Then the refill would be covered.
Otherwise the price would be
a hundred bucks. Imagine that.
A hundred bucks for ear drops.

We’ve read the articles, of course,
about the cost of drugs going up.
But this was a generic. You wonder
what the unemployed, the uninsured,
the poor do when they have an ear ache.
Not everyone has Obamacare.

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